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How to convert your WOZ member points into prizes
Updated: 2012-02-28 by Nelson
WOZ rewards our members who contribute and enrich our community pages, network and contribute in other ways. There are many activities that can earn member points, simply registering as a member can earn you points.
For instance, in the ASK page, there are queries being presented, and member points are automatically added to your username if you either ask or answer. From time to time, you can redeem these points for the items stated below.
Table of redeemable                      Updated on 28th February 2012     

Market value (RMB)
5 star hotel room
800 to 1000 (Xiamen)
 10 one-off gym cards
600 (Xiamen)
Budget hotel room
250 to 500 (Xiamen)
150 to 250 (Xiamen)
100 to 150
50 to 100 (Xiamen)
Coffee or beer voucher
40 or less (Xiamen)


All vouchers are mainly for Shenzhen and Xiamen City, unless otherwise stated. From time to time, WOZ will add more items to the list. You can send in and make a request for a specific item, WOZ will try its best to please.
Redemption is subjected to availability of items.
Those points obtained by improper ways will not be entertained. Points can only be valid when members do normal courses of activities. Any points obtained by fraudulent means will be discarded. In some serious offences, membership will be cancelled. For instance, entering illegible characters, deliberately providing wrong answers in ASK, or intending to cheat, can attract punitive actions.
WOZ reserves the right to cancel all points accumulated, revoke any membership and remove any member who makes trouble in the WOZ network. Though WOZ will provide reason/reasons for cancellation, removal and revocation, WOZ reserves the right not to give those explanations if it chooses not to.
1. How to redeem
Send us your postal address to Email:; we will mail the redemption item to you. We charge RMB15 for delivery fee, or you can use COD/collect on delivery. 

2. You can choose to redeem a smaller item or collect them for bigger one. However, redemption is subjected to availability. WOZ is not liable for any shortage of items, but will try its best to supply the items to avoid disappointment.
Those members with high redeemable points can write in to request and secure items stated in the table above. 


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28 Feb 2012
Fr. El Salvador
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31 May 2017
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