Violent protests erupt in Guangdong's Maoming, 4 allegedly killed

          Four teenagers, two males and two females, were allegedly killed during clashes between protesters and police on Sunday as hundreds of residents in Maoming, Guangdong rallied to protest a PX (paraxylene) project, according to a post uploaded by a Sina Weibo user based in Maoming. During the night, the protest seemed to have escalated into clashes between protesters and the local police force. Several residents were hurt and the police and paramilitary forces seem to have sealed the city, according to one Weibo user who is on

1 dead in Maoming protest after government denials

Wen Wanbin slept during the day on March 30 and finished work at 1:48am at a KTV parlor in Maoming. Wen left work 12 minutes earlier than his usual sign-off time because his friend Jiang Xicai asked if he wanted to go and “watch a scene”. The scene Jiang was referring to was the anti-paraxylene (PX) protest. Thousands of Maoming residents were rallying against a RMB 3.5 billion PX plant. But when the crowds subsided, Wen never made it home, and his friend Jiang was left with severe brain damage. Liu Xiangnan (刘向南), a vocal journalist, went to personally find out about
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